Carolina Reaper – Worlds Hottest Chilli



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The Carolina Reaper Chilli should be illegal….but it’s not! It’s perfectly legal, and it’s here; on this site, available to you!

The Reaper has held the world record since August 2013. Originally bred in Rock Hill, South Carolina by crossbreeding a Bhut Jolokia and a Red Habanero.

The average SHU level is approx 1,500,000, however, they have been tested as high as 2,200,000 SHU. To put this into context, take the average Jalapeno and times that by 800!

The Reaper is actually quite sweet in taste, in comparison to other extremely hot chillies, but the heat WILL overpower the taste if you are not used to eating fiery products. Use a couple of the pods, or a teaspoon of the powder in a curry for 5 or 6, and turn a Korma into the hottest Vindaloo! This pepper can be used in any cuisine to add a scorching heat to your meal.

WARNING: Extremely hot product – always wear gloves when handling or risk burning your skin, and whatever else your hands/fingers touch afterwards! (A mask is used when packaging the powder). DO NOT EAT THE POWDER RAW OR YOU MAY REQUIRE IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION!


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