Chilli Wright Tomato, Mulato & Basil Rub



Product Description

One of our newest marinades, we expect The Tomato, Mulato & Basil Rub to be as popular as the rest. Versatile like The Spicy Spanish Paprika Rub; this little beauty goes well on pizzas, in pasta & soup and, of course, used to marinate your meat & fish. Like the Paprika Rub, we have combined the best of the Med and Mexico to bring to you this mild, yet tangy & smokey flavour.

All of Chilli Wright Marinades contain no added colours, preservatives, E numbers, or anti-caking agents. If marinated over night, each 70g tub will do up to 4 times more than your standard marinade!

Tomato Powder, Basil, Mulato Flakes, Garlic, Black Pepper, Onion Powder, Sugar, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt and Citric Acid.


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