Chilli Wright’s Reaper & Garlic Oil



Product Description

Currently only available from The USA…..until now!

Chilli Wright brings to you an extremely fiery, extremely versatile chilli oil, that’s delicious hot or cold. Using some of the finest Rapeseed Oil, and infusing it with the World Record holding Carolina Reaper & fresh garlic, this product can be used as a dressing, deep or shallow fried, or simply combined with Balsamic Vinegar to dip your crusty bread into!

This product is usually only sold in 8 Oz (approx 240ml) bottles, and can fetch prices of up to £30 from the US, but at Chilli Wright we will provide you with 250ml, at an eye wateringly low price!

Rapeseed Oil, Carolina Reaper Chillies, Garlic


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