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The Box Sets are back – bigger than ever before!! You have a choice of four different types, detailed below, all with 6 fantastic Chilli Wright products. Save £££££’s on the cost of the individual items. Great as a gift for a beloved chilli head! All Box Sets are sent 2nd Class Signed for through Royal Mail.

    Mild/Medium Box Set – £12.99

The Mild/Medium Box Set is for the less intense chilli lovers amongst us. Contains 6 Chilli Wright products all in one, saving you £££££’s!

Kashmiri Powder – 25g
Ancho Grande Pods – 25g
Chinese Bullet Pods – 25g
Mulato Oil – 250ml – 25g
Tangy Mulato & Lemon Rub
Kashmiri, Garlic, and Coriander Rub

    Mixed Box Set – £14.99

The Mixed Box Set has something for everyone! From nice & mild, all the way up to some very hot items! Save £££££’s!

Pasilla Pods – 25g
Habanero Powder – 25g
Ghost Oil – 250ml
Spicy Spanish Paprika Rub
Tomato & Mulato Rub
Jalapeno & Black Pepper Peanuts – 100g

    Hot Box Set – £18.99

The Hot Box Set is just that; HOT! 6 of some of our hottest products all in 1, and saving you £££££’s!

Ghost Naga Powder – 25g
Trinidad Scorpion Pods – 25g
Habanero Oil – 250ml
Tandoori’s Ghost Rub
Red Hot Jerk Rub
Curried Naga Nuts – 100g

    The Reaper Box Set – £19.99

Oh my, oh my! This is probably the hottest set of chilli products you will ever buy! The Reaper Box Set contains everything you want from the World Record Holder! This is not for the faint hearted!

Carolina Reaper Powder – 25g
Carolina Reaper Pods – 25g
The Reaper & Garlic Oil – 250ml
Chinese Reaper Rub
Indian Reaper Rub
Reaper Nuts – 100g


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